How to Legally STOP Debt Collectors & Even Void the Debt!

Ruin A Debt Collectors Whole Day!

Collection Agencies, And Collection Attorneys, Rely On You Being Scared And Uninformed.

Your home should be your sanctuary. But, how can it be a sanctuary when debt collectors keep calling?

Anyone who has had to deal with debt collectors definitely wants to eliminate them from their life. It's easy, it's quick, and it's fun to do! When you know some simple legal strategies, you can put an end to those dreaded phone calls In these days of mega-corporations it is easy to get caught up in a computer system that is erroneously attempting to collect money you do not owe! And, that's just one example of the many collection horrors consumers face. At some point in your life, either you, or someone you know, will need this information. The Black Book Of Credit Repair & Eliminating Debt Collectors From Your Life" arms you with plenty of ammo to deal with debt collectors. You will learn:
  • How to easily STOP debt collectors dead in their tracks, and eliminate them from your life, sometimes even entirely voiding the alleged debt.

  • When debt collectors violate your due process rights, they open the door to serious legal consequences, including voiding any legal proceedings against you, including Mortgage Foreclosure.

  • The costly legal consequences for debt collectors when they violate your due process rights, and what those rights are. It happens frequently. You will know when it is happening and how to easily get $1000 for each violation.

  • The statute of limitations for collecting debts - once it passes, you don't have to pay!

And more:

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You can repair your own credit Cheaper, Easier, Faster and Better than any credit repair firm could possibly do it for you.

Bad ass credit repair & eliminating debt collectors from your life

Credit Bureaus and Debt Collectors aren't concerned with your problems, or even the accuracy of the information they are reporting, or the debts they are trying to collect. They just want money. . . period. Did you know that "ALL UNVERIFIABLE" negative entries on your credit report must be removed, whether they are correct, or not?

Did you know that you can sue debt collectors for violating your due process rights? Learn when and how to sue them.

Did you know that there are legal secrets that credit bureaus and bill collectors will not share and do not want you to know? If you have debt collectors at your doorstep, don't you owe it to yourself to learn and understand your legal rights?

Don't Let a Short-Term Economic Crisis Mar Your Credit!

Divorce, health problems, job loss. . . these days it's easy to have a short-term economic crisis. However, if you have bills piling up that you simply cannot pay, it's time to take action. Even though you may recover your financial footing in a year or two, bad credit can haunt you for five or six years. . .maybe more. Why be forced to pay outrageous interest on high risk loans when there is an easier way?

From The Federal Trade Commission

"Credit repair services have been a big problem for consumers. Credit repair firms typically charge hundreds of dollars for their ongoing services, but don't deliver on their promises." I know that it is true, because it happened to me in the 90's after a nasty divorce and bankruptcy. What a joke those so called credit repair guys were. BUT: I can show you how to repair your own credit, fast and easy: Guaranteed. I will also show you how to ELIMINATE debt collectors from your life.

Some of the breakthrough strategies you are about to discover:

  • How to use consumer credit protection laws, without hiring a lawyer, and without going to court!

  • You will learn why it is ETHICAL to remove bad credit from your file.

  • A simple way to use debt validation to repair anyone's credit.

  • How to use identity theft to remove negative entries from your credit report. This is an extremely powerful strategy.

  • How to use small claims court to get negative credit entries removed.

  • Three step by step methods to change your current "CREDIT IDENTITY." You can create an entirely new credit file, and leave your old problems behind! For some situations, this strategy may not be 100% legal. But, everyone's situation is different, and some people desperately need something like this.

  • There are several dispute letter templates, including templates for special situations, that you can use to ruin a debt collector's entire week, maybe even causing him to find a new career field. These templates alone are worth well over $200. You would pay more than that for just one of them if you were to have an attorney write it for you.

  • A summary of The Fair Debt Collections Act, with references to court cases, which you can use for reference.

  • How the FTC recommends that you deal with overextended credit, rather than hiring an expensive credit service.

  • Out of work? How to Deal with Creditors. Loss of income is a common reason for people to get behind on payments, and damage their credit rating. It doesn't need to happen.

  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971. It is good to have the laws at your fingertips.

  • Consumer Handbook to credit protection laws. A good reference to have.

  • Divorce and Credit . You need to know what steps to take in the event of a divorce, to maintain your own credit in good standing, and not be burdened with your ex's credit problems.

  • Bankruptcy - my own experience. I can personally tell you that bankruptcy is not the end of life. What's more, there are some things you need to know about the process itself, which can greatly help you if ever need to declare bankruptcy.

Also in the book:


Get the Information You Need to Fight Back!Bad ass credit repair & eliminating debt collectors from your life


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Just one debt collector letter template sells for as much as $250 at other sites, and there are several in our download. Buy the "Black Book." Now, and Ruin A Debt Collector's Day.  

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back. It takes awhile to repair your credit. So, you have a full 90 days to try the methods, before the guarantee expires.